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Full text of "Diary of Ephraim Shelby Dodd : Member of Company D Terry's Texas Rangers, December 4, 1862--January 1, 1864"

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Diary of 




Member of Company D 
Terry s Texas Rangers 

DECEMBER 4, 1862 
JANUARY 1, 1864 


AUSTIN 1914 





Diary of 



Member of Company D 
Terry s Texas Rangers 

DECEMBER 4, 1862 
JANUARY 1, 1864 


AUSTIN 1914 



In his history of "Terry s Texas Rangers," Mr. L. B. Giles 
narrates the following tragic incident of the East Tennessee 
campaign : 

"It was during this winter that one of the saddest events 
in all our career happened : the hanging of E. S. Dodd by the 
enemy. He was a member of Company D. He was of a good 
family and well educated. For many years he kept a diary, 
setting down at night the happenings of the day. He was taken 
prisoner with this diary in his pocket. On that evidence alone 
he was condemned and executed as a spy." 

In January, 1914, the State Librarian received a letter from 
a resident of New York State, informing- him that she had in 
her possession a diary found on the body of a Texas Ranger 
hung as a spy. Negotiations for its acquisition by the State 
Library were opened at once, and terminated successfully. The 
only information about the diary this person could give was 
thati it "was found by a lieutenant from a N. H. regiment, 
who for years was a friend of our family, and some time before 
his death (which occurred six years ago) he gave it to me." 

E. S. Dodd came to Texas from Kentucky late in 1860 or 
early in 1861. After visiting an uncle, James L. L. McCall, 
at Waco, he made his home wtih another uncle, Dr. John R. 
McCall, at Austin. He was teaching school near Austin, and was 
not yet out of his teens, -when he enlisted in Terry s Rangers. 


November 5, 1914 


Transferred from old Diary. 

Thursday, December 4th, 1862 I went out from M. to Mr. -, 
five miles from town. I went from there to Gen l Morgan s 
Headquarters, leaving the Knox county filly at Mr. - - and 
riding Walker s horse. I took supper at Lewis Black s, Morgan s 
Headquarters. The Gen l was in town hut came in just after 
supper. I went on to Chenault s camp and staid all night with 
John and Van Benton. 

Friday, 5th Snowed all day. I rode to Alexandria and went 
out to Mr. Bass , seven miles, got there about night. I found 
all well. 

Saturday, 6th t remained quiet to-day. Miss Frances 
came over. I staid all night and Sunday, 7th, I started on my 
return to camp. Came to Statesville, got pair of boots, $25. 
Came out three or four miles and staid all night. 

Monday, StJi I got some cloth and came to town (M.) ; 
stopped but a short time. I saw Miss Kate, received a nice 
present, a sack to carry tobacco, made of red, white and blue. 
I came out to Mr. House s and staid all night. 

Tuesday, 9/ft Came back to camp. Company on picket. 
Burke in command at camp. I was put on comm. guard. 

Wednesday, 10th Lieut. Ellis went on a scout, I went with 
him. Ten men detail went down on Wilson pike, turned off to 
left and staid all night with Mr. Smith, a clever man, nice 
family, daughters, etc. 

Thursday, llth Crossed the railroad and went down near 
Franklin. Got a guide and went down country through farms, 
etc., to near Brentwood, stopped at Miss Mag. McGarrock s. 
Came back to Mr. Campbell s, two miles from Franklin, and 
staid all night. 

Friday, 12th This morning just at daylight, while in the act 
of eating breakfast, the fight commenced in town. We put out 
immediately; found the Yanks in possesion of the town when 
we got there. Their pickets fired on us. We then crossed the 



creek to go round and get with Smith. Got into Mr. Baugh s 
lot and while there came near being surrounded by a hundred 
or two Yanks. Came cross country to Hillsboro, got good dinner 
and came back to F. by night. Yanks left about 11 o clock. 
Found Smith in possession. Came out two miles and staid all 

Saturday.. 13th Came back to Camp. I went on forage. 

Sunday, 14th Got a good dinner at Mrs. T. 

Monday, 15th I and Jeff Burleson went out and got a good 
dinner and my clothes. Came back and found the Company in 
Camp. To-night I, Eslinger and Jessy Johnson went out cross 
the hills to preaching. Parson Bunting officiated. I went down 
with Eslinger and the girls to Mr. Page s, got some good apples, 
set till bed time and came to Camp. 

Tuesday, 16th Remained in camp. 

Wednesday, llth Saturday, 20th During this time had sev 
eral false alarms amounting to a run down the pike and back 
to Camp. Also regular turns on picket. 

Sunday, 21st Go on the famous detail to M. after guns 
which cost me three days roots. I went to see Miss Kate, spent 
about three minutes; had to make flying visits. Called to see 
Mr. Lane s family. Coming back to Camp, stopped to get supper 
and did not get to Camp till after night. 

Monday 22nd Put on three days. A false alarm caused us 
to go to the front. 

Tuesday, 23rd Went on picket. I was put on at the Widow 

Wednesday, 24th Was transferred to Black s picket at Holt s 
and stood to-night. 

Thursday, 25th This morning just after being relieved the 
Yanks made a break on us. We were fired on just as we reached 
the Com., fought them all day, falling back about four miles 
(Christmas Day). Returned to Camp. 

Friday, 26th AVere aroused early this morning with the word 
the Yankees are in Nolensville. Went up at double quick and 
found them there. Fought them there all day until night, 
falling back to our old Camp at Mr. Page s. Staid there to 
night. Our loss, one piece of cannon and a few men McClure 
of Company E killed. 

DECEMBER 27, 1862 JANUARY 4, 1863 5 

Saturday, 27th Commenced skirmishing early, falling back 
slowly; fought through Triune and beyond Mr. Perkins. 
Rained on us all day. After passing Mr. P s, we took up line 
of march, came up three miles and turned off for Murfreesboro. 
I stopped and spent the night in a kitchen; came on Sunday 
28th and overtook the Regiment. We came in five miles of 
M. Met the wagons, unloaded them and prepared to cook three 
days rations, but were ordered to saddle up and get out to 
meet the Yankees. A false alarm. Staid out until near mid 
night. Came back to where we left the wagons but they were 
not there. 

Monday, 29th Went out this morning to the end of the 
Wilkerson pike. Met the Yankees and skirmished with them 
all day, falling back gradually. Their cavalry charged us once 
but paid dear for it. A number of prisoners were taken. We 
fell back to our infantry this evening. 

Tuesday, 30th Rained to-day; all quiet till evening; fight 
then opened between the infantry and continued until dark. 

Wednesday, 31st The great day of battle commenced at day 
light and raged heavily all along the line until 3 o clock. Yanks 
drove back four miles. Our Boys took in prisoners by the 
hundreds. Captured twelve cannon and during the day about 
2000 prisoners, 160 odd beeves, some wagons, etc. 

Thursday, 1st January, 1863 Went to La Vergne and pitched 
into their wagon train, captured and burned a good many 
wagons, 200 prisoners. 

Friday, 2nd Transferred to the right wing. Saw the fight 
this eve. Breckinridge had to fall back. Raining all the time. 

Saturday, 3rd Raining all day ; sent out on a scout last night 
beyond Stone River to Mr. Black s. All quiet. 

Sunday, 4f/i This morn before day our Army commenced to 
retreat. I left the Regiment on the Plaza in M. and went out 
to the end of the Wilkerson pike. Got my clothing and came 
across to the Salem pike, found a number of unparoled Yanks 
on my way. I met Gen l Bufor d but he would not send back 
to parole them. I went on to town, went to see Miss Kate, took 
a bite to eat and bid them goodbye. Went up to Mr. Lane s 
and from there out to Col. Smith s Regiment and back to Col. 
Cox in town. He promised to attend the Yanks. I then started 


for the Command. Came out to Col. Lytle s, stopped, found 
Morton of the Battery there. I took supper there but did not 
know where I was until the young ladies came down. Miss 
Mollie came in glad to see me, was then introduced to Miss 
Mollie Turner and Miss Alice Hord, staid till 11 o clock, time 
passed very pleasantly. Came on to Camp. 

Monday, 5th Fell back to Old Fosterville, remained 6th-10th. 

Sunday, lltk Came out on a reconnoitering expedition, past 
Col. Lytle s. I stopped on return and saw Misses Mollie and 
Alice. Miss Molly T. had returned home. From this time until 
the 27th we did nothing but picketing. I piruted a little on 
Duck River, spent a night or two with Mr. Stewart, took dinner 
twice at Mr. Wilhoit s and thus the time passed. On 27th came 
in to Camp and on 29th we were relieved by Wheeler s Brigade 
and Avith three days rations started on a scout down on Cum 
berland, passed through S. and out on Eaglesville pike to E. 
Camped near the place. 

Friday, 30th Came through Triune and out to Franklin, 
got there 4 p. m., went out one and a half miles on Columbia 
pike and camped. I and Oly Archer went out to Mr. Bauglrs 
and took supper, staid till bed time and returned to Camp. 

Saturday, 31st Details sent out to get all the provisions pos 
sible and return by 12 o clock. I went to town, but did not 
get my horse shod, met the command as I went out, coming in. 
Went some ten or eleven miles and camped on creek on steep 
hillside. Rained all night. I and John Henry slept dry in my 
Yankee tent. Most Company got into stable and crib. 

Sunday, 1st February Rained all day, came within four miles 
of Charlotte. A very poor country. I and Reuben Slaughter 
went out and staid all night with Mrs. Hood. Her husband had 
been conscripted. She boiled a ham, baked some pies, filled our 
haversacks and started us on our way rejoicing. Came down 
to Mr. Ventress. 

Monday, 2nd Froze up arid snowed to-day and night. 

Tuesday, 3rd Started before day for Fort Donelson. Had 
to walk to keep from freezing. Got to the F ort about three hours 
by sun. Our Regiment sent on Fort H. road to prevent rein 
forcements from coining to D. Reached our position and the 


fight commenced and continued till dark. We cut the telegraph 
at all points, fight resulted in capture of about 100 prisoners, 
50 negroes and same number of horses, one twelve-pound brass 
rifled cannon. Gun Boats came up after dark and commenced 
shelling and we had to get. Came back to the Forge, two and a 
half miles, and camped. 

Wednesday, ^th Came back to Ventress s on Creek. Snowed 
to-night awful time. 

Thursday, 5th Boys had grand snowball. Gave Col. Harrison 
a taste. Came up Columbia road, twenty miles, to little village 
of Wharton, took up quarters. We went up creek three miles 
and back close to Headquarters and camped in road, making 
fires of the fence. I got fodder and we spread it on the snow 
and blankets on fodder; slept comfortably. 

Friday, 6th Came to Vernon and camped. I went out and 
got some fodder and made beds, but did not get to enjoy it long. 
Bout 1 o clock started and came to Duck River, built fires of 
the fence on river bank. Our squadron sent on scout eight 
miles, got back just after day. Found them swimming the 
horses and taking the rigging over in a boat flat. We were 
then sent on picket. A ford was found and the Brigade crossed 
over. Camped one mile from the river. Crossed near Center- 

Saturday, 7th Sunday, 8th Came up to Columbia pike, 
ten miles from town. Once more in pretty country. Camped 
in woodland blue grass pasture. 

Monday, 9th Moved up in five miles of Town. 

Tuesday,. 10th Remained in Camp. 

Wednesday, llth Sent to Headquarters to draw ammunition 
as A. 0. S. Gen l Wharton had a ball to-night. 

Thursday, 12th Came up to within seven miles of Lewisburg. 

Friday, 13th Came up to L. I went with Aaron Burleson 
to the fortune teller s; had our future destiny read to us; then 
to Mr. Lane s and listened to Miss Jennie paw ivory awhile. 
Miss Mattie Long present. 

Saturday, l^th Remained quiet today. I and Nix went to 
see Miss Jennie Lane. Miss Mattie still there. 

Sunday, 15th Moved camp out seven miles on Franklin pike 


near Berlin. I went out to Mr. Sewell s and got dinner; piruted 
around and came back to Camp with two dozen eggs. 

Monday, 16th I went out piruting again to-day. Wagons 
got in to-day. I was put on Camp Guard; roots for being out. 
Soon after dark a detail was called for to go to Lewisburg ; twas 
raining; I was detailed. Doak in command. Got there about 
11 o clock, could find nobody, went into Court House and slept 
in the Bar. 

Tuesday.. Ylth Received twenty-four boxes, saddles, bridles, 
halters, etc. Sent to Camp. Got a detail and put them all in 
a house and locked them up. We took charge of the Clerk s 
Office to sleep in, tied our horses in Court Yard and got our 
forage from the farmers around. Secured boarding at Maj. 
Holden s, a clever gentleman and nice family; has one grown 
daughter, Miss Emma, a nice young lady. Remained here Wed 
nesday, 18th Monday, 23rd. During this time had nothing 
to do but write letters, visit MY GIRL THAT PAWS IVORY, 
and make acquaintances. Among them Miss Lou Hill I prize 
highest. We had prayer meeting and church. I purchased four 
books and left them with Miss Emma: Mormon s at Home, Pil 
grim s Progress, Bayard Taylor s Travels and Bible Union Dic 

Tuesday, 24:th Just before leaving a couple of young lady 
equestrians passed out of town from Mr. Fisher s. I jumped 
on H. Emnoff s horse and overtook them, rode out a mile with 
them and turned off pike. If I should ever get back to L. I 
intend seeking them and make their acquaintance. After dinner 
we bid our kind friends adieu and put out, overtook the Com 
mand about eleven miles from Shelbyville. 

Wednesday, 25th Came through Shelbyville to-day. Com 
menced raining on us just as we got to town and continued. 
Came out on road to Beech Grove, ten miles, as wet as water. 
I and Albright went cross Wartrace Creek and staid all night 
with Mr. Fork a nervy layout. 

Thursday, 26th Still raining. Went over to Mr. Hancock s, 
intending to cross Wartrace at a bridge above but gave it out 
as it was pouring down rain. Found Charley Pellam there 
at Mr. H s. 


Friday, 27th All start this morning for Camp, find the 
wagons close to Fairfield, the Regiment three miles further on. 
I was sent after corn over the highest mountain in the country 
as soon as I got in. 

Saturday, 28th Moved Camp out near Beech Grove. I and 
Polk Kyle sent on forage, bought a stack of hay. Staid all night 
with Mr. Carlisle. 

Sunday, 1st March Get his wagon and hauled one load to 
Camp. Camp moved three miles further up the pike. I went 
up Creek and got Mr. Jonichin-to start with his wagon. Went 
on top the mountain to get two more wagons and as I came back 
the Yanks ran our pickets in. I came near being caught by them. 
Came back down Creek and told J. He turned back. I and 
Polk then went on to Camp. After going to bed, all waked up 
and fell back to the other Camp. 

Monday, 2nd I and Polk go out again. Get Mr. Ashley s 
wagon and Mr. Carlisle s; send in two loads. Camp moved up 
pike again. Go into Camp. 

Tuesday, 3rd Company went on scout. Unshod horses did 
not go, so I staid. 

Wednesday, 4:th Company on picket. All gamblers and pi- 
rutes put on roots. I came under the latter head. 

Thursday.. 5th Still on picket. 

Friday, 6th Relieved by K. and F. Raining all day and 
night. Sent on bread detail with Big Ugly, got back after night, 

Saturday, 1th I went out to Widow Ewell s to get some 
bread. Regiment relieved and went into Camp. I got there 
after night. 

Sunday, 8th Went on forage ; got back in time for preaching. 

Monday, 9th Remained in Camp to-night. Rained. 

Tuesday, 10th Could not get forage. 

Wednesday, llth Went after forage. I and Reuben Slaugh 
ter went together, did not find the Squadron, piruted around 
and came back to Camp after night. 

Thursday.. 12th Came (Regiment) down through Shelby ville 
to near Dolittle. I stopped at Lee Stewart s and got dinner. 
Came on to Camp. 


Friday, 13th Went on bread detail, saw Mrs. Billington at 
Widow Clardy s, her mother; took dinner with them. Met Miss 
Ore and Miss Patton. 

Saturday, 14th Squadron went on scout. I went to shop 
and on bread detail. 

Sunday, 15th Remain in Camp. 

Monday, 16th Last night had a meeting of the Lodge ; passed 
two and raised one; made the acquaintance of Dr. Moore and 
lady, also Miss Stern, a niece of the Doctor s. 

Monday, 16th Another meeting; one passed and two raised. 

Tuesday, llth I listened to some delightful music this morn 
ing by Miss Stern, particularly the Texas Rangers, dedicated 
to Mrs. Gen l Wharton. I started back to Camp but met the 
Regiment going out on picket. I fell in and went out and had 
to come back or go back and get my blankets. Came out half 
a mile from D. and camped. 

Wednesday, 18th Remained in Camp all day. I am very 

Thursday, 19th Came on picket this morning. 

Friday, 20th Our Squadron sent on post this morning. I 
joined Tom Taylor s mess; Jessy also. I and Tom went out to 
Mr. Elmore s and got some bacon and milk. I stood to-night. 

Saturday, 21st Brigade went out on scout. Our Company 
supported battery, drove the Yanks back to their main camp 
and returned. 

Sunday, 22nd Parson Bunting preached for us to-day. Noth 
ing occured to change monotony of camp. Sick, and time drags 
slowly with me. 

Monday, 23rd A false alarm to-night, and rain. 

Tuesday, 24th In Camp quiet. 

Wednesday, 25th Roll call five times a day, arms and horses 
inspected in the morning and dress parade in the evening is 
the order of the day. 

Thursday, 26th Drill two hours and dress parade. A docu 
ment from Gov. Lubbock of Texas read, giving an account of 
presentation of -flags of 4th and 5th Texas Infantry of Virginia 
to the State. Also one or two captured by our Regiment. 

MARCH 27-m APRIL STH, 1863 11 

Friday, 27-th Monday, 30th Nothing of importance occurred. 

Tuesday, 31st Went on a scout out to Eaglesville. Met a 
Yankee scout just this side of E. We charged them and run 
them one and a half miles, capturing six and wounding several. 

Wednesday, 1st day of April Yanks brought up three or four 
thousand to E. and shelled our Boys for some time. 

Thursday, 2nd Went out beyond Maj. Winn s, brought his 
family and negroes out, skirmished with the Yankees for some 
time, nothing serious. 

Friday, 3rd I went out piruting this evening, came back to 
Camp and went in to Dr. Moore s, sit till bed time. Miss Nannie 
made some music for me ; the evening passed pleasantly. 

Saturday, 4#/i The Grand race between Wharton and Har 
rison came off this morning. All the Regiment that wished to 
went out. I remained in Camp. I and Reuben S. went over and 
got dinner at Mrs. Blanton s. Came back and the Regiment was 
getting ready to leave. I and Lonnie Logan came on to town 
and stopped at Dr. Moore s. Miss Nannie made some music for 
us. We bade them goodbye and overtook the Regiment, After 
we got to Camp, I took John Rector s horse and went up to Mr. 
Stewart s ; found Dan at home. I took supper and staid all 
night ; got some provisions fixed up and left before day. Came 
down to Camp and started soon after up country. 

Sunday, 5th I came by Dan s and got my clothing, overtook 
the command at town. Came up to Fairfield, crossed Bell 
Buckle Creek, went three or four miles and camped. 

Monday,. 6th Came up near Jacksboro and camped. 

Tuesday, 7th Marched on way to Liberty far enough to con 
sume the day when we turned back in getting to Camp ; had 
to go down and up a pretty steep mountain. The Yankees had 
possession of Liberty; drove Morgan s men out. We came back 
to Ballou s (Blues) and camped. Nothing for our horses to 
eat or ourselves. 

Wednesday, Sth We came down to the forks of the pike two 
miles from Liberty. I and Reuben Stroud stopped and got 
supper and our horses fed. Found four companies on picket, 
ours among the number. 


Thursday.. 9th I, Tom Taylor and Stroud came on to Alexan 
dria and shod our horses. The Regiment passed on and left us. 
We came on and got our dinner at Mr. Neal s living near Mrs. 
Grandstaff s and came on to Camp at Spring Creek. 

Friday, 10th I was very sick last night and hardly able to 
ride this morning. Command left before day, got to Lebanon 
at daylight. Dr. Hill could not get the medicine for me but 
gave me a pass to return to the wagons. Near McMinnville I 
came out to Mr. Bass s and staid all night. 

Saturday, llth I felt better this morning but very weak. 
Francis came over this morning or evening. George Tracy was 
over in the morning, I believe. 

Sunday, 12th Rained last night. Very pleasant this morn 
ing. I remained quiet to-day. Three or four soldiers came by; 
found our Brigade had come back about Spring Creek. 

Monday, 13th My mule taken scratches or something else 
badly, cannot ride her. Pretty day to-day. Aunt Nancy came 
over this evening. 

Tuesday, 14th Rained last night again and cleared off this 
morning. I remained quiet to-day. Rained again to-night. 

Wednesday, 15th Twas misty and damp this morning. I 
fixed up and went up to Mrs. Tarpley s, bidding the folks good 
bye at Mr. Bass s. I found the way pretty easy. Killed a 
squirrel and took dinner with them. Staid an hour or two and 
started ; came on through Commerce and out two miles to Mr. 
Davis and staid all night. The mist finally turned to rain. 

Thursday, 16th Cleared off this morning. I remain with 
Mr. Davis to-day; very pleasant day. 

Friday, llth Lieut. Davis and Emmet Trammel came by 
to-day and took dinner. Learned all about the Regiment from 
them. Camped at A. To-day was a beautiful day. I did not 
feel so well as I have for a: few days before. Fine time for 
farmers to work. 

Saturday, 18th Hermosa maiiana. Nothing unusual occurred 
this morning. I passed most of my time reading; still gaining 
in strength. 

APRIL 19TH TO 21ST, 1863 13 

Sunday, \9tk Rained last night ; beautiful spring morning 
this. Rained again all morning till 12 o clock and cleared off. 

Monday, 20th I leave Mr. Davis this morning for Camp. 
Go out by Rainey s. I got my cartridge mended and came up 
to Mrs. Grandstaff s and got my dinner. Came on to A.; met 
the Regiment just at Camp, on their way to Lebanon. Our 
Squadron on picket. Sent after them. As soon as they came 
Regiment started. Got to Lebanon about 11 o clock. Twas 
two before the last of the column passed. A train of wagons was 
along after the Com s. We stopped on street and the train passed 
on. We picketed all the roads and remained. I slept on street, my 
head resting on curbstone for a pillow, but one blanket and got 
very cold before day. At daylight I went down and washed 
my mule off and warmed in blacksmith shop. Started back and 
Ferrill being drunk, had me arrested. Kyle had me lay off my 
arms, but soon after Regiment all went to water and I was re 
leased. I eat breakfast and went over to Mr. Davis. Cousin 
Mec and Miss Fannie were at home. Mr. Davis down in town. 

Tuesday, 21st I remained in town some two hours. Went 
over to Camp, moved my mule to where twould be safe in case 
of a move and went down to Mrs. Jordon Stokes. I had a good 
long conversation with her. Got a paper from her and just as 
I was leaving Kyle came in. I loaned him the paper and went 
over to Cousin Mec s to take dinner. Hank Sullivan came in 
after dinner. Fox Trammel and Jim Davis came for dinner. 
The Miss Thompsons, sisters, came in. I went into the parlor 
with Hank and was introduced to them. We then had some 
music. An hour or two passed rapidly. We took leave. I 
promised to call again in the evening. I went over to Mrs. 
Stokes and after making addition left a letter which she kindly 
promised to send to Nashville and mail for my Father. I got 
some more papers. She and Mrs. Muirhead, her mother, tried 
to make a proselyte of me to Lincolnism or Unionism, as they 
would term it. Commenced raining. We left soon after I got 
back ; came out near Cherry Valley and camped. I was on picket ; 
the Reserve in a barn ; the Videttes in a blacksmith shop ; a good 
time of it. 


Wednesday, 22nd Rain ceased ; bright and clear this morn 
ing. We came on to Alexandria. I spent the evening working 
with\ my mule s feet. After supper I went over to Lodge to 
assist in conferring some side degrees. I took 1001 ; staid till 
11 o clock. Came back and went to bed. In a few minutes 
ordered to saddle up. Yanks coming down on us like thousand 
of brick from Liberty, Snow Hill and all around. We marched 
all night. I and Jack and Bill Kyle got together. Couldn t keep 
up with Regiment. Stopped at daylight, got breakfast, fed 
horses and traveled on. Crossed river nearly swimming. Came 
out three miles and camped. 

Thursday, 23rd Friday, 24th Remain in camp this morn 
ing, all day nothing of interest. 

Saturday, 25th Start at 3 o clock for the wagons at Yankee- 
town. All horses unfit for duty sent there under Lieut. Gibson 
of llth Texas. Regiment went to Rock Island. AA 7 e came in 
fifteen miles of Sparta and camped. Men and lame horses 
straggled all along the road for miles. I and McFarlan bunked 

Sunday, 26th Came on by Mr. England s; stopped on 
Mountain at Airs. Lowe s and got some bread baked and duck 
cooked ; took dinner and came on to Camp. Found the wagons 
camped near Yankeetown. 

Monday, 27th Remained in Camp all morning; then started 
as John Rector had come in to see Cousin Jim Hawkins ; found 
he had moved camp. I went up to Mr. Johnston s and took 
dinner; saw Mr. Denton of Mike Salter s Company there. Sent 
note up to Jimmy by one going up. 

Tuesday, 28th James Hawkins came up to-day to see me; 
staid all day with me. After he left, I and Frank McGhdre went 
out to Mr. Bradley s and got supper. I got some bread. We 
then went and got twenty bundles fodder apiece and came back 
to Camp. 

Wednesday.. 29th Remained in Camp to-day; horses in 
spected. John R. left me to go to the command. Albright 
bunked with me to-night. I went up with him to Mr. Williams 
and got supper. 

APRIL 30-TH MAY STH, 1863 15 

Thursday, 30th Came up, I and Albright, to Brown s Mill. 
Regimental wagons ordered to Sparta. Regiment on detached 
duty; spent night with Cousin James Hawkins. 

Friday, 1st day of May Spent this day with Jimmy. 

Saturday, 2nd Went to Granville. I rode Jimmy s gray 
horse and left my mule with his boy. Staid all night with Capt. 
Trousdale; had to paddle over the river in a canoe and swim 
our horses. 

Sunday, 3rd I went on by Duke s and to Squire Bennett s 
on Buffalo Creek. Took dinner and remained till near night. 
Then crossed the pike at Hogg s Store and up to Billy West s 
and spent the night. 

Monday, th Came on to Abel Smith s and to Widow Bal- 
lou s and took dinner. From there to Womac Parker s on Dixon 
Creek, and staid all night. 

Tuesday, 5th Came to Gif ford s blacksmith shop. Albright 
had swapped horses, had two shoes put on, got dinner and 
came on to Joe Carter s. A. had two more shoes put on. went on 
to Griggs and got supper. A. and Maze of Petticord s Company 
came on. We came four miles to Joe Sullivan s; left A. there. 
I and Maze went over to Jordan Carr s. Yanks all through here 

Wednesday, 6th Left Carr s and came up to John Mitchell s. 
Came out to Stinson s on to Giles Harris. From there to Scotts- 
ville and Gallatin. Crossed at Coatstown, went on to John 
Rippy s, got supper and fed horses. Went on in rain to the 
Webb s, Maze s uncle, found the Yanks so close by that we 
turned and went back to the hills. 

Thursday, 1th While at John s, Green Crews and John West 
came in. I went with them over to Mrs. Dinah Huffey. A. soon 
came, said Yanks were about. I staid all night. He went to 
John West s. Miss Polly is a fast one. 

Friday, 8th I went to John Mitchell s to meet A.; was not 
there. I went on to John West ; saw Miss Jane Wiley ; came 
back to D s; found A. there. I came back to John West, and 
on to Dots Belt s;. staid all night; on to Green Crews this morn 


Saturday, 9th Start this evening, six of us, to Allen County, 
Ky. Went up in eight miles of Scottsville; stay all night or 
day in woods. To-night go by Ayres, Will Span s and old man 
Span s. At the latter place we got into hot water. Bush 
whackers attacked us, killed my horse, stampeded all. I got 
separated from the rest, went one mile, got two horses, came 
on through to New Row Monday, llth, and on across to Coats- 
town. Find Will at Mrs. Huffey s, shot. Miss Sallie Key there 
on visit. I stay all night. 

Tuesday, 12th I and Will Rogers went over to Green s and 
Bass s; met by John M. Green getting in. Met Al 
bright, went back to D s and stay all night. S. K. there. 

Wednesday. 13th I met some of Morgan s men; Harper with 
them. I joined them and went cross railroad at MitchellviHe 
over to Wickwire s, eight miles from railroad. Stopped at Mr. 
Simpson s and got breakfast. Miss Sue Offutt, Miss Jimmy 
Wickwire there. After breakfast went to the woods and staid 
all day. 

Thursday, 14th This evening we all went in and got supper 
then down to Mr. Wickwire s and got supper and the supper 
is a mistake ; danced until 12 o clock. I and Miss Jimmy danced 
two sets. I enjoyed it finely, then bid them adieu and came out 
to Pete Laurence s by daylight. Birch swapped horses on the 
way. Pete s sister brought us provisions. 

Friday, 15th To-night stopped to see two Lincolnites; got 
six shooter from one, single barrel from the other; stopped 
at Squire Henry s; got some cherry bounce; played off Yankee 
on him; got all the .information we wanted and went on to 
Wickwire s; fed at Mr. Simpson s; girls got up, chatted them 
awhile. I, Harper and Gibson then left the crowd, crossed the 
railroad and bought two horses and came on to Bracken s and 
got breakfast. From there to Ashlock s and got dinner. Came 
cross the pike and I left them, went by Bass s and on to Crews 
and staid all night. 

Saturday, 16th Sunday, llth Came to Mrs. Huffey s, found 

Monday, ISth Tuesday, 19th Yesterday went to Tompson s 
Shop ; not at home. This morning to Hughes ; gone to Gallatin. 

MAY 19ra TO 27TH, 1863 17 

Came by Jordan Carr s, got dinner and on to Moss s. Found 
Jim Berryman there. Harper came soon. Went down to Sulli 
van s, fed and I left. Went on to John Stewart s, staid all night. 

Wednesday, 20th Down to Hughes, got my horse shod, came 
back, and nine of us started. Came up near Epperson Springs, 
found the Yanks were there and at Scottsville too strong for us. 
Got supper at Stinson s, a regular tory. Lamb swapped horses 
with him. Then started for New Row. Came across to Bracken s, 
got breakfast, three of the boys had left us. 

Thursday, 21st We came this evening out to where the others 
\Mere ; Yanks in New Row ; so we could not go there. Came to 
Widow Hodge s. Five of boys went on ; two slept in bushes ; 
I and Jim Berryman slept in house. 

Friday,. 22nd Came cross the pike to Meadows, fed our horses. 
I, Jim and Lamb started back to Kentucky. We came cross pike 
to Mr. Hodges and got supper, then cross railroad and out 
through Mitchellville to Norris ten miles from railroad ; staid all 
day and to-night. 

Saturday, 23rd Went down to Finche s and got a horse. Mr. 
Finch came out with us some distance. Came back to Norris; 
staid all night ; nothing to eat. 

Sunday,. 24:th To-night went down near Redman s; run into 
Yankee pickets, and started back. Came cross railroad and out 
to Sherwin s, got breakfast and on to Boss Meadows. From 
there to Hughe s Shop; got two shoes and nails made. Went 
down to Essick s and got supper and on top Mountain and staid 
all night. 

Monday, 25th Tuesday, 26th This - - got my mare shod, 
went on, found A. at Henry Mitchell s came back to Hardy 
Silver s, found the boys and started back to the railroad to get 
some boots. Took supper with Mr. Hodge and on to Rodimore s ; 
had not the boots; then came back cross pike. I went with 
Berryman to shop ; Hughes not there. I left him, came on to 
Jack Stewart s. I, Albright and Lamb started back for Gran- 
ville this evening; came on to Griggs, got supper. From there 
to Staffords and staid all night. 

Wednesday, 27th Met Thompson s and Staley s men. 


Thursday, 28th Came to Montgomery s. Lamb left us. We 
came on to Widow Ballon s. Yanks close at hand. We staid 
in bushes to-night. 

Friday, 29th AVent to Dixon Springs to-day to get a Yankee 
saddle; had to wait until the two Regiments of Yankee cavalry 
and train passed out. We then went in, I and Ward. I went 
up to Mr. Alexander s; Miss Mollie knew me, Miss Nannie did 
not. I took supper and staid till 10 or 11 o clock and left. Came 
back to Mrs. Ballon s. 

Saturday, 30th Came to Mr. Beasley s and staid all night. 

Sunday, 31st Met up with Parker as Lieut. Brown. I got 
a horse for Mason Rector. Came on to Granville, found Company 
D there, and that we were published as deserters. Came out 
near Cookville to-night. 

Monday, 1st day of June Came to Mrs. Brown s, took break 
fast, got our clothing and came on to Camp. Camp moved this 
evening. Proceedings stopped until Kyle comes up. Our 
names sent with others to be published in Houston Telegraph. 
Came out to-night to pasture and turned in. 

Tuesday, 2nd Came in to Camp, find that my name has been 
sent on with others to be published as a deserter. 

Wednesday.. 3rd Ordered to remain in Camp. 

Thursday, 4th Wm. Hamb.y got in from Austin, Texas ; staid 
all night with me. We went out to a private house and spent 
the night. 

Friday, oth William left me this morning. To-night I and 
Reuben went out to Mr. Mills and staid. 

Saturday, 6th Lieut. Black took all men able for duty and 
started to Sligo this morning. To-night the Company got in 
from G. 

Sunday, 7th Started for left wing, went to Sparta, halted 
there hour or two ; came on to Cany Fork and camped. 

Monday, 8th Came to McMinnville this morn. Ordered 
Regiment to Hoover s Gap to picket; wagons to Manchester. I 
went to the wagons to get a saddle, stopped with Dave Nunn, 
staid all Tuesday, 9th. Came to camp, rigged my tree and 

JUNE IOTH TO 27TH, 1863 19 

Wednesday, 10th, came to the command, camped near Beech 
Grove on pike. 

Thursday, llth Came on picket. 

Friday, 12th On picket duty; camped at our old stand. 

Saturday, 13th Company go on picket. 

Sunday 1 ,, llth I and Capt. Hill go out after provisions, stop 
at Mr. Mankinds, Prayters, Jacob s, Mankin s and return. 

Monday, 15th I took dinner to-day with Mr. Guess. Relieved 
this evening. Five of us went on scout ; got supper at Mr. Man- 
kin s. I left my valise at Mr. Guess s. I forgot to note leaving 
undershirt and pair of drawers at Mr. Brown s on Falling 

Tuesday, 16th Regiment relieved and came into camp. 

Wednesday, llth Drill morning and evening inspection. 
Received two letters, one from Cousin Jennie, one from Tom 

Thursday, ISth Review of Brigade by Gen l Ilardee. 

Friday,. 19th Regiment came to Fairfield and from there to 
Bell Buckle and camped. I went out to Mr. Suggs and got some 
bread baked and returned. 

Saturday, 20th Remained in camp to-day. Three of the Ar 
kansas Post boys came up from W T artrace and among the num 
ber was Doc. Norwood. Staid with us to-night. 

Sunday, 21st Came over to Old Fosterville to picket. 

Monday, 22nd All quiet. 

Tuesday, 23rd Wednesday, 21th Company on picket. I 
came back to attend a court martial; staid all night in Camp. 

Thursday, 25th Rained all day. Yanks made a general at 
tack on our pickets. I went out to the Company about 11 a. m. ; 
fell back to Ransom s; went over to Bell Buckle; traveled all 
night. Came on to Fairfield; staid a short time and came on 
back to Ransom s and camped. 

Friday, 26th Saturday, 27th Came to Bell Buckle this 
morning and from there to Wartrace, our infantry falling back 
to Tullahoma. Went a short distance beyond Wartrace ; llth 
Texas and 4th Georgia skirmished with them a little; a few 
wounded. We came to Duck River and camped. 


Sunday,. 28th Came on to-day to Tullahoma ; continues to rain 
night and day. I saw James Maxwell, Billy Dunson, Julius Len- 
sing and Doc. Norwood. 

Monday, 29th I was detailed to go to the shop ; came on to 
town, found Stroud and came out five miles to shop. Still 
raining. We spend the night at the shop. 

Tuesday, 30th Our work finished and we return to Camp at 
Tullahoma. Regiment came in soon after. I got a letter from 
Miss S. A. Jourdan. I went over to the Texas Brigade, saw 
Doc. Norwood, George Holman, George Jourdan, Prank Wilkes 
and Billy Dunson. Came back and our Regiment moved out 
on the right and camped. I went on a scout with Black to Hills- 
boro; went within one mile and came back; no Yanks there. 
Traveled all day or I should have said all night. Got back and 
found the Army on the retreat. 

Wednesday,. July 1st Army in full retreat. Came on to 
Alisony bout 11 o clock. While on the move from that point 
my mare fell and broke her left foreleg just below the knee. 
John Henry was left with me. We came on short distance and 
went to sleep. I left my mare where the accident happened. 

Thursday, July 2nd Came on to Deckerd this morning. 
From there took wrong road and came up Cumberland Mountain 
to the University with Hardee s Corps. Found there that we 
had taken the wrong road. John went down to the house to get 
some information and I lost him. I came down to the railroad 
and staid all night. Folk s Corps crossing all night. 

Friday, 3rd I waited until our wagons came up and put my 
luggage on them and rolled on. Came to foot of Mountain to 

Saturday, th Came down to Battle Creek from head of 
Sweden s Cove; portion of Folk s Corps crossed pontoon at 
mouth of Battle Creek and cross the river. We came on to 
Bridgeport. Crossed this evening. Met Bob Ship here. 

Sunday, 5th Came up to the foot of the mountains and 

Monday, 6th Start cross the mountains. Came up, I and 
Paul Watkins, to Nicka Jack, staid all night with Mrs. Porter. 


Tuesday.. 7th Came cross the mountain through Hamburg, 
got dinner there at Mrs. Reeves and came on to Camp within 
one and a half miles of Trenton. 

Wednesday, 8th Remain in camp. 

Thursday, 9th Saturday, llth All quiet. Put on one 
month s roots for the Kentucky trip ; read at dress parade yes 
terday evening; commenced this morning. 

Sunday, 12t1i Start this morning for Rome, Ga. Came on 
top Lookout Mountain; rained to-night. 

Monday, 13th Came on through Lafayette and six miles 
beyond. I and Bob Ship, Tom Peterson and Jim McGuire 
stayed all night about one mile from Camp. Rained very 
hard for a while. Music to-night. 

Tuesday, 14th Came to within fifteen miles of Rome, passed 
through Chanyville. 

Wednesday.. 15th Came to Rome ; pretty place for the Coun 
try. Camped t\vo miles from town and spent all day in town. 

Thursday, 16th Remain in camp all day. 

Friday, llth All quiet in Camp. Brigade officers had a ball 
in town last night. 

Saturday, 18th Moved camp down on Silver Creek four miles 
from to\vn. 

Sunday, 19th Friday, 24/* Usual routine of camp duty. A 
protracted meeting going on, conducted by Parson Bunting and 
others, commenced Sunday. I am on duty every other day 
Weather warm and dry. 

Saturday, 25th, to 1st day of August All quiet ; usual routine 
of camp duty. Two days since, while out on forage, I saw Miss 
Anna Ransom at Mrs. Garrett s a great pleasure to meet 
with them. 

3rd, 4th, Wednesday, 5th The barbecue and presentation of 
the horse to Gen 1 Wharton came off to-day. Jno. Rector made the 
presentation speech. Gen l W. replied. Harrison made a few 
remarks ; dinner was then announced. After dinner Billy 
Sayers and Adams of Company C made speeches. Everything 
passed off finely ; quite an array of beauty present. The Misses 
R. and G. present. I paid my respects to them. 


Thursday, 6th, to Friday, 14th Nothing but roll call, in 
spection, dress parades and drill. We are living high on peach 
pie. I have made a few acquaintances, but don t find the hospi 
tality that we did in Tennessee. I was over at Mr. Bryant s 
to-day. Can t say that I enjoyed it very highly. 

I pass from 14th to 20th. Nothing stirring. Oh ! yes, the 
wedding Charley Littlefield to Miss Mollie Maddry, by the 
Rev. Mr. or Lieut. Simpson of Company B alias Sim Bruce of 
Company E. My time passes very pleasantly. 

25th Went to town to-day. Passed the day pleasantly; took 
dinner with - - Rome. Saw Cousin Mollie ; came out to Mr. 
Mobley s; took supper. Met with Col. Cox, Mr. Barrick of 
Glasgow, Ky., and Mr. Johnson and Lady of Nashville. Miss 
Mobley was very sociable. I sit till bedtime. Time passed 
pleasantly. Now, that we are acquainted, have become attached 
to the folks, we have to leave ; always the case. I made the 
acquaintance of Miss Maggie Ezzell, Miss Mattie Sommers, Miss 
Fannie Summers and Miss Mollie Robert and enjoyed myself 
with them finely. 

Friday,. 28th We bid our friends adieu and came out eight 
miles above Rome. I got my hunting shirt as I passed through 
town, cost me sixty-eight dollars. 

Saturday Remained in camp. 

Sunday, SQtli Monday, 31st Moved four miles this evening. 
I and Jim McGuire went out and spent the night with Mr. 

Tuesday, 1st Came on to-day to Mrs. Partain s where we 
stopped as we went down ; found Mr. Sewell there still mending 
clocks; the girls looking charming. Staid all night. Music and 

Wednesday, 2nd September Came on to Lafayette, camp one 
mile from town. Had a meeting of the Lodge this evening; 
I attended. 

Thursday, 3rd Remained here to-day ; met again this evening 
at the Lodge in town. 

Friday, 4th Started for Alpine; came out twelve miles and 

SEPTEMBER 5TH TO 20TH, 1863 23 

Saturday.. 5th Reached Alpine, left one wagon to the Regi 
ment, and with the rest the dismounted men started for Rome. 
Came eight miles and camped. 

Sunday, 6th A number of us started at two o clock this morn 
ing and came on twelve milas and got breakfast. I and Oly 
Archer turned off at Coosyville and came by Miss Ransom s. 
Miss Anna and Miss Fannie were there, also Mr. and Mrs. Settle 
of Murfreesboro. We spent the day with them and came to 
camp in the evening. 

Monday, 7th Camped at Col. Shorter s; one brigade of in 
fantry near us. 

Tuesday, 8th All quiet. I went off over to John s last night, 
but big Cousin was not there. 

Wednesday, 9th Quiet to-day. 

Thursday, 10th I went over to Whitehead s to get some raw 
hide to cover my saddle. I stopped at Mr. Mobley s and took 
dinner, chatted Miss Metta a while and went over to the Mill 
and on to the tan yard and back to the Mill ; found Dr. Neely 
there. I staid till bout 10 o clock and came back to Camp. 
Time passed pleasantly, "on Angels wings," while with Miss 

Friday, llth Remained in camp. 

Saturday, 12th I played off on an old Georgian as Captain 
or with Captain s uniform, got a buggy that a private could 
not have reached with a twenty foot pole. I and Oly Archer 
rode out in it to Mr. Ransom s. Took Mr. Jackson along with 
us. We took supper and sit till bedtime. Time passed delight 
fully. Pleasant drive back to camp. 

Sunday.. 13th Moved eight miles from Rome out on the 
Kingston road to where the 4th Tennessee camped near a mill 
on the river. 

Monday, 14-th Remained in camp all day. 

Tuesday, 15th Sunday, 20th During this time I made the 
acquaintance of Miss Mary Reece, Miss Mary Davis and Miss 
Eugenie Holt. I spent all my leisure time visiting them. Very 
nice ladies indeed. 


Monday, 2lst I and Mr. Nolin went up to the Tanyard this 
evening and took supper and sit till 10 o clock. Miss E. was 
looking very nice indeed. 

Tuesday Reading My stories of Court of London. 

Wednesday, 23rd Reading Tempest and Sunshine. Went up 
to see Miss E. to-night. I spent a few hours at Mr. Davis; 
Miss Mollie and Cousin looking charming. 

Thursday, 24th Start this morning for Tunnel Hill. Came 
by T., left G. T. McGehee, got my boots $75. Bid Miss E. good 
bye and in company with Capt. Hill and Wm. Nicholson came 
on eight miles and staid all night at Mr. Brownlee s. 

Friday., 25th Passed through Calhoun this morning, twenty- 
one miles to Dalton. Came on through D. to Tunnel Hill, 
seven miles from D. 

Saturday, 26th Came on to Ringgold and six miles beyond 
to Chickamauga. When we got in three miles of R. we struck 
the main Yankee line of invasion; from there on the country 
is destroyed fencing burned, everything eat up and destroyed. 

Sunday, 27th We start up the railroad this morning but turn 
back and camp on Chickamauga. Here we remain. 

Monday 28th October 1st, Thursday Rain last night and 
still continuing; truly refreshing. First we ve had for an age. 
All quiet in front. Well, I ve missed being in one battle, 
that of Chickamauga. 

October 2nd Continued to rain all day. 

3rd, Saturday Moved camp this morning to Cherokee Springs 
one and one-half miles from Ringgold. Cousin Jimmy Hiawkins 
met me and went to camp with me. 

Sunday, 4th I, Jim McGuire and Jimmy went out beyond 
Catoosa Springs and staid all night. A mistake. Saturday 

Sunday, 4th Took breakfast at Mr. Maston s this morning. 
Came by the Springs and stopped to see Miss Kate Shamblin. 
On to camp.. 

Monday, 5th Remained in Camp. 

Tuesday, 6th I and Jimmy went out to the Springs; spent 
the night at Widow Conner s. 

OCTOBER TTH TO 25TH, 1863 25 

Wednesday, 7th Piruted around generally. I left Jimmy at 
Mr. Smith s and went over to see Miss Kate. 

Thursday, 8th I came into Camp this morning, was appointed 
Adjutant of the Preps! Preps! 

Friday.. 9th Jimmy came in this morning but did not stay 
long; was to be back in the evening. 

Saturday, 10th Jimmy did not come. 

Sunday, llth I went out to see Miss Kate this morning, but 
heard nothing of Jim. Went by Mr. .Shamblin s. Miss Eva and 
Miss Nannie were at home ; two of the prettiest girls I ve seen in 
Georgia. I went over to Mr. Smith s and heard of Jimmy; had 
gone on to Camp. I went back to Camp and found him there. 

Monday, 12tJi, I Avent out this evening and staid all night 
with Mr. Cannon, at Mr. Smith s. 

Tuesday, 13th I started by daylight this morning and came 
to Camp. Raining. 

Wednesday, l^ih Thursday, 15 th Nothing but rain, night 
and day. 

Friday, 16th Sunday, 18th I went out to Catoosa Springs 
and to Mr. Shamblin s and back to Camp. 

Monday, 19th Wednesday, 21st. 

Thursday, 22nd This morning we start for Kingston. I came 
on in advance of the train to Tunnel Hill, saw all the boys and 
called around to see Miss Kate and Miss Nannie. They had 
moved down a few days ago. We came on four miles below 
Dalton and staid all night, I and Paul, Jim. 

Friday, 23rd Came on through to Calhoun and six miles 
below and staid all night. Raining all day and night. 

Saturday, 24:th Came to Adairsville. Camp three miles from 
the village. To-night I went to Mr. Green s, one mile from 
A. with Wm. Campbell. Left my horse and went to town and 
took 10 o clock train and went to Kingston. I staid but a few 
minutes; did not find what I went after. Came up at 12 
o clock to A., went out to Mr. Green s and staid all night. 

Sunday, 25th Went to town this morning and sent a letter 
to Tunnel Hill by Harper to Miss Nannie. 


Monday, 26th Wednesday,, 28th Nothing worthy of note. 

Thursday, 29th I went down to our old stamping ground 
to-day. I stopped to see Miss Eugenie Holt; had just returned 
from a visit to Marietta and was looking very pretty; stopped 
but a short time. "Went on to Mr. t)avis s; nobody at home 
but Miss Mollie. Crossed the River at Freeman s Ferry and 
went to Mr. Somers. Miss Maggie s husband at home. I staid 
all night. Miss Mattie came down this morning. I staid till 
bout 10 o clock. 

Friday, 30th I came back to Mr. Davis ; Mrs. D. and husband 
just starting to Rome. I took dinner and left. Came in to Mr. 
Green s, near Adairsville, and staid till bedtime and came to 

Saturday, 31st Remain in camp. 

Sunday, 1st November I went to town and mailed some 
letters, and out to Mr. Mooney s, the tanner, and got dinner; 
came by Mr. Green s, stopped awhile and on to Camp. 

Monday, 2nd Remain in Camp all day. 

Tuesday, 3rd Friday, 6th Start this morning I and James 
Pickle down the country, stopped at Mr. Gillam s and took 
dinner. From there to Mr. Kit Dodd s and staid all night. 

Saturday, 1th I met Mr. Gore there, promised to write to 
Cousin Serena. Came on to Mr. Somer s and then to Van Wert; 
staid with Col. Jones to-night ; met Mr. Jones and Lady, Mrs. 
Cullin and Miss Lou, daughter of the Colonel. Had a candy 

Sunday, 8th Came or went to Mr. Carmichael s and back to 
Van Wert before we found him. Jim left his leather with him 
and we came on to Capt. Wimberly s and staid all night. 

Monday, 9th Came in to Cedar Town this morning. Stay 
all night at the Hotel, ten dollars apiece. Sold some tobacco 
to him. 

Tuesday, 10th Came out with Clan Blakemore and Fuget to 
Mr. Thomas. I spent the night at John Hatchers. Miss Jane 
Simpson was there to-night. James Pickel was not with me ; 
the other boys went back to town. 

NOVEMBER HTH TO 24TH, 1863 27 

Wednesday, lltli I spent the day and night at Mr. Hatchers. 

Thursday., 12th Went over to Mr. Thomas . I made a girth 
for him. From there to Miss Kate Carter s. Mr. Shirry and two 
other gents came in, gentlemanly, merry. 

Friday, 13th I came over to Mr. Hatcher s. 

Saturday, llth Left Mr. Hatcher s and came up to Cave 
Spring, saw Jenkins and Capt. Hooks. Mart Lee was there but 
I did not get to see him. Came on to Dr. Richardson s near 
Cedar Town and staid all night, a very fine family indeed. 
Has one grown daughter. Met Col. Bryant, a Kentucky refugee. 

Sunday, 15th- Came on to Van Wert. Jim stopped at Car- 
michael s and got his boots. Came on to Mr. Peck s and to Mr. 
Somers ; stopped and spent Monday. 

November, 16th Came this evening to Adairsville ; found 
our Train gone to Charleston. Slept on the ground. 

Tuesday, llth AVent to Grandpaps this morning and got 
breakfast. Jim stopped at Mr. McDow s to see Reuben Stround. 
Came on and we started from Grandpaps. Came up to Mr. 
Curtis and turned off to the right. Came up to Silvacoa and 
camped; got corn from a field. 

Wednesday, 18th Got breakfast, paid two dollars for it and 
crossed the River. Came on to Spring Place, got heel plates 
put on. Came out seven miles and staid all night. Camped. 

Thursday, 19th Came on to-day to Charlestown and six 
miles above to Mr. Galloway s and staid all night. 

Friday, 20th Came on through Athens, Sweetwater and Phil 
adelphia ; came out one and one-half miles and took supper at a 
very nice place Virginians. Met McMahon of Company H. I 
and Jim came on to Camp near London. 

Saturday, 21st Jim went to the Com. this morning. I had 
an offer for my mule this eve and sold him. 

Sunday, 22nd We remained in Camp. 

Monday, 23rd Moved Camp to within two miles of Lenoir 
on Little Tennessee River. I went out to Mr. Vassey s; let my 

Tuesday, 21th All quiet in Camp. Firing at Kingston, 
Wheeler and Wilder. 


Wednesday, 25th Thursday, 26th Went to a dance to-night. 
I only danced two sets. Dr. Bob was with me. Came back 
about one o clock. 

Friday, 27th Remained in Camp all day. 

Saturday, 28th Started this morning on a scout through 
Blunt Charley Mason, John Kelison, Jessy Kirkland. Met up 
with Charley Pelham and Sam Piper. 

Kirkendol of Company G was with us. Found Steve Gallagher 
and Jim with Mr. Upton. Jim was wounded ; Steve came on 
with us. We crossed the River at Niles 1 Ferry and staid all 
night at Mr. Norwood s. 

Sunday, 29th We went up the road two or three miles and 
found all the troopers leaving Blunt. We turned and came 
back to Mr. Norwood s and took dinner and came cross the River 
to Mr. Curtis and staid all night. 

Monday, 30th Charley Pelham came down this morning and 
told the Yanks were upon us and to fall back to Mr. Upton s. 
Kirk was pretty merry. Went down to Hawkins to get Sam 
Piper and Kirkland. We came up to Upton s, met Maj. Stevens, 
took dinner and sent after whiskey. Upton called up his negroes 
and gave them some whiskey and commenced the preparation 
for the move. I staid with them until they started. Four of 
us went to Cunningham s and staid all night. 

Tuesday, 1st December We came to Mr. White s this morning 
and there left Mr. Upton and started for the Telico Plains, I, 
Mason and Kelison. Met Kirkland, Piper and Kirkendol ; then 
came up to McDermot s and staid all night. 

Wednesday, 2nd I and Kirk went to Cagle s and got his 
horses. I paid 200 to boot. Met at Me D s. Four of us staid 
at Mr. Hunt s. 

Thursday, 3rd I came over to the shop and had my horse 
shod, and I and Kirk came on to Carmichael s. Found Pete 
Kendall there. The other Boys had gone. Met Bulger Peoples. 
Went on to Hawkins ; found all the Boys there ; staid all night. 

Friday, 4th Started for Motley Ford. Heard the Yanks 
were there and started for Carmichael s. Came on five or six 
miles and met up with Dick Tainter of Scott s Louisiana Regi- 


ment. Came on to C. and there divided ; Sam Piper going to 
Mr. Shaw s with me and T. Had not been there long till the other 
boys came on. We got- ready to start, and they refused and 
Sam piper with them. I and Tainter then left them and came 
on to Mr. Donohue s and staid all night. I have never taken 
such a pirute before nor never will again. 

Saturday, 5th Left Mr. Donohue s with Dick Tainter and 
came down to Mr. Carr s on the River, five miles above the 
mouth of Citico. Found them all gone up the River for North 
Carolina. Dick did not want to go to Blunt. We went across 
the River to Bright s and found several men, Briscow of Com 
pany K among them. We staid all night. 

Sunday, 6th We started for Holloway s with two of the Boys. 
We got there. Dick would go no further. Mint and Drew and 
Meroney all turned gack. I, Hugh Singleton and Briscow 
started for L. Came out to Old Major Pugh s and found the 
Yanks had prowled him of beehives and everything. Then came 
on cross Motley Ferry road and through a camp they had just 
left. Some Yankees on the ground laying up fences with the 
negroes. We came on cross Morgantown Road, found all the 
roads traveled by them. Came on to Capt. Dyer s, fed our horses 
and got supper and on to within one mile of Louisville. Stopped 
at Old Man Dyer s; found the Yanks in large force nea r him. 
Stopped, and fed and walked down to within three hundred 
yards of their camp fires. Could not get to the Planters Hotel. 
Came back; six of our boys were laying out in the woods near 
Mr. D s. We fed and slept in the barn till nearly day. Old 
Man woke us up, found two of the men were Carlton and 
Patton of Company F; others were Morgan Men. All came 
out to a thicket and spent the day. 

Monday, 7th Came in this evening to Mr. Dyer s, found the 
Yankees all gone, got supper and went down to the Planters, 
spent two or three hours. Gardner sold them a horse. I must 
take Miss Kate one. Came out to-night to Mr. Dyer s, warmed 
and came on to Lige Jim Henry s. I passed as a Yankee with 
Mrs. Henry. Came on to Mr. Holloway s and to Mr. Bess s and 
got dinner. 


Tuesday, 8th Came on to Mr. Bright s and staid all night; 
rained all day. 

Wednesday, 9th All quiet to-day. Didn t move. 

Thursday, 10th We start for Longstreet for or via Sevier. 
Gave it out and started for the vicinity of Bess Mill. Went 
to see Mr. Jo Gray, a Lieut, in the Yankee Army. He was not 
at home; took two horses and a negro. Came on to McCully s 
and got two of them, two guns and one pistol, two horses. Came 
on to Bess but found them all gone, then came gack to Mr. 
Bright s. 

Friday, lltJt Started this evening for Sevier, got as far as 
Little River at Mr. McClane s and turn back. Two Yanks rode 
right through us. Came on by day near Mont Vale Spring. 
Stopped and got breakfast. Saw two Bushwhackers but could 
not catch them. Met Mr. King- at the Springs. Came on over 
to Mr. Gomly s. 

Saturday, 12th I staid all night at Mr. Cutchberson s. 

Sunday, 13th All started to-night for Louisville. Rained 
and we separated; I, Smith and Alexander leaving the crowd 
at Mr. Everett s. We stopped at Mr. Best s and staid all night 
and all day. 

Monday, 14:th Start to-night for Sevier; ran into the Yanks 
at Maryville; my saddle turned; I lost my horse. The Boys 
abandoned theirs and we made our escape on foot. Worked our 
way out to McClaine s on Little River just at daylight, but he 
would have nothing to do with us ; could get no assistance from 
him. Came down the River and lay out in a little mot of timber. 

Tuesday, 15th Came to Hiram Bogle s, crossed the Little 
River at Finley s, the Sheriff of the County. Got to Bogle s 
and got a snack to eat. Mr.. Bogle had taken the oath and 
would give me no information, only directions to Tim Chandler s. 

Tuesday, IGf/i 1 Came on to Chandler s, got lost on the road 
and had to stop and inquire at a house (John Robinson s). He 
told me about the Home Guards being in the neighborhood. I 
or we went on until we got to the house where they were camped 

iThere is confusion of days and dates from "Tuesday, 16th" to 
"Thursday, 25th;" for the 16th is Wednesday, the 17th is Thursday, 


or near it. The road forked and I went up to inquire about 
the road. Found twas not a dwelling and saw the Home Guards 
through the window. Went on to the next house, Mr. Johnson s, 
and got the information and traveled on. Got to C s 1 o clock 
at night, found Mr. Houck there. Boys staid at the house while 
I went to the house. I took supper with them and got some 
meat and bread for the Boys. Miss Rogers was there. I could 
get but little information from Chandler. I went to the barn 
and we went into the straw to stay next day and cross at Brad- 
son s next night. 

Wednesday, llth This morning the Home Guards got on 
our tracks, and by the aid of Citizens found us and carried us 
back to the Academy. Randell is Capt, Cresivell first Lieut., 
Rose 2nd, Moore a Private, Ingle, Keener and others. 

Thursday, 18th Start this morning for Knoxville; get in 
bout 1 p. m. Capt. Barnetts takes charge of me and sends me to 

Friday, 19th I find one of the llth Texas here, three or 
four of the 2nd Georgia. I send out a summons to the Lodge 
for assistance; two members call on me and promise to attend 
to my case, but I hear no more from them. Another squad of 
96 prisoners came in, also three of Morgan s men, Messrs. Church 
and Smith. 

Maj. Smith of Wheeler s staff called on us. Two other squads 
came in. With the last came Will Morton of the Battery or 
Company F. Alexander takes the oath and left us. Morton, 
myself, the two Churches and two Smiths form the mess. 

Sunday, 21st Parson ~ - preached for us this evening. 

Thursday. 25th- A dull Christmas. Receiving one-quarter 
pound bread a day and bout one pound beef, no wood hardly- 
freezing and starving by inches. All this brings me up to the 
29th Monday. Morton tried to get to see his sister but could 
not. The Parson came in and informed him that she died at 
3 o clock .this morning. Such is the fate of war. In 150 yards 
of her and yet could not get to see her. 

Wednesday, 3Qth Morton out on street parole. 


Thursday, 31st Miss Anna Brooks came around, Miss McMul- 
lin with her, brought me a pair of socks. I sent a note to Mrs. 
House by Hupplits to-night. 

Friday, 1st day of January, 1864 Received one pair of drawers 
from Miss Nannie Scott, two shirts from Mrs. House. One hun 
dred and fifty of the prisoners start to-day for Strawberry 
Plains. We go to-morrow. 

Dodd was sentenced to death on or before January 5th. An 
extract from a letter by the general commanding and dated at 
Knoxville, Tenn., January 17, 1864, reads: 

"I also avail myself of this opportunity to forward an order 
publishing the proceedings, findings and sentence in the case 
of Private E. S. Dodd, Eighth Texas Confederate Cavalry, who 
was tried, condemned and executed as a spy. 

I also inclose a copy of an order which I have found it neces 
sary to issue, in regard to the wearing of the U. S. uniform by 
Confederate soldiers.* 

"*Inclosure No. 7 (here omitted) contains General Orders, 
No. 3, Department of the Ohio, January 5, 1864, promulgating 
charges, findings and sentence to death in the case of E. S. 
Dodd, Eighth Texas Cavalry, arrested and tried as a spy." 
War of the Rebellion, Series III, Vol. 4, p. 53. 

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